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The best book for learning modern JavaScript

The best book for learning modern JavaScript

There are many good books to learn Javascript however the book Eloquent Javascript really made me understand modern Javascript. If you plan to dedicate some hours to acquire knowledge of this language, don’t waste your time looking for more, you will hardly find a book that covers such a variety of concepts in such an understandable and complete way as this one.

5 reasons to read the book

First, the author starts from the assumption that you know absolutely nothing about the language and takes you by the hand from data types, control structures and, when you realize, you are practicing more complex topics such as objects, high-order functions, getters, setters, polymorphism, inheritance, generators, callbacks, asynchrony, etc.. All explained in a pleasant and simple way, with practical examples.

Second, the content of the book is updated with new language features. In the book we can find the different types of syntax (old and new) in the import of modules and examples in each of them, the arrow function notation is explained and used frequently so that we become familiar with it, the new types of variables are exposed excellently, as well as the promises and observables.

Third, complex topics such as asynchrony or callbacks, which can be difficult to understand at first, are explained in a didactic way. The author masters the concepts perfectly and is able to translate them into examples from everyday life for easy understanding. You will spend the pages of the book talking about crow’s nests, robots that send emails and even create a programming language that will run through an interpreter that you can program yourself.

Fourth, the book goes a bit beyond the main aspects of language. The last chapters will delve into handling the DOM, setting up a server to create a website to share skills. By the end of the book we will be working with node and practicing the basic commands of its package manager: npm.

Fifth, as if all of the above were not enough, the book is completely free in its digital version; it is licensed under a Creative Commons attribution-noncommercial license.

Where do I get it?

If you want a copy go directly to the author’s official website and download your copy in PDF, Epub or Mobi at no cost. On the other hand, if you are one of those who prefer to read on paper you can purchase the printed version, at a cost, of course. Unfortunately the book does not yet have a Spanish translation (although it does have a translation in Russian, Portuguese, Farsi and Bulgarian), but if you know English and want to learn Javascript this book is a must for your collection. 28/Jul/2020 Edition: The book has a Spanish version but it is incomplete, however you can read the first twelve chapters in its official website, enter and access to the different formats in which it is available in this link

Recommended background: HTML, CSS and very basic notions of Javascript Recommended to read: 9/10 Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Bulgarian

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