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The 4chan about technology and programming

The 4chan about technology and programming

Many people who spend much of their day in contact with the Internet, whether for pleasure or for work, have eventually ended up on an image board, usually the most popular one among English speakers: 4chan.

4 chan has a technology section, called /g/, where there are usually threads about programming, software development, GNU/Linux and other topics that can be quite interesting, however most of them have a quality that leaves much to be desired, full of trolls and users with much ignorance on the subject. In short: they serve no purpose other than mere entertainment.

El tablero de imágenes cyberpunk

However there is a hidden gem on the internet, a 4chan but totally specialized in technology and with a rather dark air, worthy of the most pessimistic cyberpunk dystopias. Here you can find tutorials, didactic material, contact with people who know a lot about programming, operating systems and technology in general; a small gold mine that has a lot to offer as long as you know how to take advantage of it.

In this place there are several interesting boards, I will only list a few, as there are many. I recommend that when you finish reading this publication you go and check the rest by yourself. I will share with you the four that I think you will find most interesting:


This board is fully specialized in programming, there are threads for Python, Javascript, as well as Lua, Rust, Scala and other less popular languages. Tutorials and material to learn about the subject are frequently shared. Occasionally there are people asking for advice on some quite particular topics.


In this board the topic is computer security and everything related. Sometimes there are people who publish vulnerabilities of small web sites that they have discovered while browsing through their code.


Here we discuss technology in general, from different OS (BSD, GNU/Linux, Windows, etc.), digital currencies, to implants with the capacity to store information.


This board is quite peculiar, as it does not allow the use of text, only images, all communication is carried out using steganographic techniques, that is, text hidden in images. Navigating through this board will make you feel as if you were in a Dan Brown novel.

Little Lain-chan

The name of the website is Lain chan, named after the series called Serial Experiments Lain; one of the cult series and representative icon of cyberpunk. Please note that, like most of the content on the Internet, the site is in English, so you will probably not be received well if you try to communicate in a language other than English.

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