About me, Eduardo Zepeda

Hi, I’m Eduardo Zepeda, self-taught web developer. I learned all I know about programming from these books, which I’ve read and reviewed. Lately, I’ve been taking online courses on Udemy and Platzi (Check out my platzi certificates).

I’m a huge fan of Codewars, sometimes I solve some Katas there. I reached 2 kyu a few months ago!

Badge del rango de codewars

My preferred programming languages are:

  • Python
  • Javascript, Typescript
  • Go

Yes, in that particular order

My favorite web frameworks are:

  • Django and DRF
  • FastAPI (I love its simplicity but I haven’t used it in a project, yet)
  • React, Nextjs and related
  • Trying Hugo these days

I feel comfortable developing web applications in GNU/Linux environments (I use Debian distribution since end of 2010)

My personal projects, including this blog, use Digital Ocean VM (called droplets) for the hosting, however I’ve deployed on other platforms like Vercel or Netifly.

I’m a big fan of art films, anime and manga, specially horror and sci fi genres, I usually watch a few art films, carefully chosen (maybe not so much) every week, on mubi. I love to play videogames, nevertheless I’m very selective about those I decide to play. I love reading, specially sci fi, and also scientific essays, blogs, technology. I’m into speciality coffee and coffee shops.

I don’t drink alcohol or smoke. I guess you could say I’m your classic bookworm.